Game Cancellations

From Chuck Gallacher (Chairperson, OMAHA) at 11:00am 28-Nov-2020:

“There will be no games reinstated in the 2020 calendar year . If you have plans for inter-association games, please provide the plans to OMAHA so that they are approved and tracked accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation.”


From Chuck Gallacher (Chairperson, OMAHA) at 4:00pm 20-Nov-2020:

” There is apparently is going to be further clarification from Via Sport later tonight or in the morning. All indications are that the order will be applied to minor hockey whereby we will be able to continue playing in Phase 3 ( gameplay) but that gameplay will be limited to teams that are members of the same local minor hockey association. Therefore, as of midnight tonight all games between association are canceled to further notice.”


Therefore, all SOMHA games as of midnight this evening (20-Nov-2020) are cancelled. All league games up to Dec 20th have been cancelled. We will be working with teams to set up exhibition games within on our own association.