Oliver/Osoyoos Masks Now Mandatory

Update: 05-Nov-2020 8:30AM

After discussion by the SOMHA Board and in response to feedback from the Town of Oliver Recreation Facilities staff, please be advised:

  • From this point forward, masks are mandatory for everyone who enters either arena (Oliver Arena or Osoyoos Sunbowl Arena).
    • This applies to both practices and games.
    • Players are required to have masks (a) when entering the Facility, (b) at all times while in dressing rooms / common areas and (c) while exiting the Facility
    • Players are allowed to remove their mask to put on their helmets and enter the ice surface (the “field of play”)
    • Coaches are allowed to remove their masks during practices while on the ice surface (the “field of play”)
    • Players are required to have masks on in dressing rooms during ice clean / game delays
    • Parents / support staff who are present in the building are required to have masks on at all times.
  • Teams are required for everyone in the dressing room to wear masks. If SOMHA receives a specific complaint from the arenas on a team violating these requirements, they will be subject to further action from the discipline committee.
  • Masks will be required for visiting teams as well.
  • U13 and up teams may enter the facility and use dressing rooms 30 minutes prior to the game in both Oliver and Osoyoos.
  • At U11 and down, players are still expected to come as fully dressed as possible, with the exception of final jerseys if needed, skates tying and helmets in the dressing room.

The intent of this directive is not be be heavy-handed with our membership. Rather, we are attempting to provide as simple and clear a directive as can be given during these challenging times. Quite simply – everyone needs to have on a mask while entering and using the Facilities – no exceptions (save on-ice play).

The SOMHA Return-to-Play Committee is meeting on 04-Nov-2020 to provide further information on this directive.