2023-2024 Board of Directors and Supporting Personnel

Jason Moreau
President/Finance Committee

Chris Ward, P.Eng
1st Vice President/Discipline Committee (Chair)/Finance Committee/Governance Committee/Communications Coordinator

Diana Roxo
2nd Vice President/Referee Allocator/Timekeeper Scheduling/Governance Committee (Chair)

Mark Antonello
Registrar/Trophies and Awards

Crystal Duperron
Secretary/Governance Committee

Nicole Ferrier
Ice Ambassador

Kathy Bracken
Treasurer/Finance Committee (Chair)

Urs Grob (ric.somha@gmail.com)
Referee-in-Chief/Discipline Committee

Coach Coordinator
Morgan White

Kary Steele
Female Director/Timekeeper Scheduling/Discipline Committee

Amanda Stene
U7 & U9 Director

Justin Fortin
U11 Director

Joel Humphries
U13 Director

Nathan McGinnis
U15 Director

Morgan White
U18 Director

Ryan Pyatt
Equipment Director/Player Development

Jordan Campbell
Player Development/Discipline Committee

Davinder Sandhu
Risk Management

Tuson Pearle
Representative (Rep) Tournament Coordinator

Jason Harker
Recreational (Rec) Tournament Coordinator

Sponsorship and Programs
Jamie Crain & Nathan McGinnis